Lunatic, Liar, or Lord of All

JESUSI’m sure some of you have heard this before, especially because the saying was made famous by C. S. Lewis, but it has been said of Jesus that he was either a lunatic or a liar because of all the claims he made during his lifetime. For instance: he claimed to be the son of God. The book Christians have canonized and now refer to as the Holly Bible says that Jesus, God, and the Holy Ghost are all the same person and that Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after his crucifixion and is in heaven with God. So, if that’s true then Jesus is also God…not just the son of God. Hence, the third option that Jesus is exactly who he said he is and thus Lord of All Creation.

Of course, if Jesus is a lunatic, what does that say about all his followers. The saying goes: “Who’s the greater fool? The fool, or the one who follows him?” Well, I’m not going to argue that Jesus wasn’t off his rocker. He certainly was contrary to the common religious and political sentiments of his time, but in my mind that doesn’t really matter. If you thought for a second or 2 I’m sure you could come up with more than a few people, besides Jesus, who where controversial in their time, but are considered heroic, historic figures now who made important discoveries, inventions, improvements in art, scientific breakthroughs…and the list goes on. long-locks1-desaturate_2387 Yet, that doesn’t even really matter either. All I’m really trying to say is just that if Jesus is a lunatic, I don’t really care and I’m still willing to be considered the greater fool for following him. I’ve always been a little off anyways. I like to say I’m not crazy…just insane (Anyone name that 80s TV show reference?). Now, the disclaimer is, not all followers of Christ feel the same way as I do. Most probably wouldn’t say Jesus was a lunatic and neither are they…and they most likely aren’t as “out there” as I am. Still…the point remains…they have made the decision to follow Christ regardless of any controversy (At least I think most would agree, though I can’t pretend to speak anyone else’s mind).

Anyways, you are going to begin to see a common thread in a lot of my more philosophical posts. I mentioned in my post about my photography philosophy that faith is the main reason I believe in one creator God who is in complete control of this crazy thing we call life. There may be scientists who could prove me wrong, but I’m going to go ahead and say that eventually, no mater what you believe in, there will come a time when you just won’t be able to prove it or some part of it. Science can only prove so much. Technology is still advancing and more may be discovered in another lifetime, but that will always be true and we have to operate on what we know now. So…then what? Do you stop believing because you have no proof? Well, yes, I suppose…IF you have no faith. Otherwise, that’s where faith comes in and you have to choose to believe without evidence. Weather you believe in the big bang, that there is no god, in Buddha, or in Yahweh Lord of heave and earth, you have to make a choice, based on faith to believe. So, based on my experience, the evidence I have (as incomplete as it may be), I have made the choice to believe in Jesus Lord of All, even when I there is no earthly explanation.

That’s my decision even after having been presented with a TON of other views, religions, and scientific beliefs and proofs. What’s your decision? Keep in mind, even if you decide not to choose, you’ve still made a choice (thank you Rush).

JESUS image courtesy Daniel Go
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