The Beginnings of a New Process

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I’d like to start something new…Well, new for me at least. Have you ever wondered what someone is thinking? I imagine what other people are thinking sometimes or what they might think before I say something so I can decide how I should say it. I’ve come up with so many possible scenarios for the outcome of one conversation that my head’s almost exploded. Anyways, this is going to be a chance for people to see what I’m thinking.

OK…So I realize that initially I started my website and the topics of my blog to focus on giving people the opportunity they may not take (or have) themselves, to see creation, with the beauty of nature and wildlife captured through my lens. So…it may come as a disappointment that I am now hijacking my blog for other purposes. I realize I don’t have very many followers, but if this does annoy any one, I’m sorry, and you don’t have to follow if it’s really that big of a deal…I promise…some day I will return to my original purposes…but, keep in mind you will find all manor of topics scattered throughout from now on.

Actually, the point of these types of posts will really be more for my own gratification. I need another overflow for the thoughts drowning in my head; aside from pen and paper. I realize I could easily start another blog, but I already have this one and it’s easier to only have to manage one website instead of having one for each subject, topic, and/or genre I end up covering. That brings me to this next point: I will likely cover so many different topics, subjects, genres, etc., that most readers will likely get lost. In fact, this may be the last paragraph that anyone will be able to follow at all. The rest will go back and forth between organized, well thought out…man I’m glad Timmy finally fell asleep for a while…to almost my unedited stream of thought. So, if you do actually read to the end of any posts like this, God bless you, and I hope you don’t get too confused.

Now, for the good stuff:

titus-fistFor Maddie, Ti, Omi, and Tim…so you might one day have an inner glimpse of your father’s mind (and Robin too, in case there’s something I haven’t already divulged).

I’m actually really tired right now and it’s getting late. I was going to add some new pictures to this post, but I’m having server problems that are making it impossible to upload images to WordPress right now. So, I was just thinking the other day, “I hope it’ll get warmer again, so we can go sledding again and enjoy the snow without freezing to death.” ‘Course now that Maddie has strep, that’ll have to wait. Anyways, I have really enjoyed some, more-or-less, down-time today.

I really wanted to write more today, actually, but my more-or-less down-time was partly eaten up by feeding Timmy and doing laundry, among other things. Oh well, Lord willing there’ll be another time to write the rest…and anything else that comes up along the way. Anyways, for now I say good day…and good night…or whatever time it is when you read this.