Thinking Out Loud

It seems like I’m not usually in the mood for writing…but sometimes, I think I need to sit down and make myself write anyways because it’s therapeutic. The problem is when I do that I have a really hard time writing anything. This is one of those times…Actually, I didn’t really feel like writing earlier, but now…on the night shift, waiting till around 12am or so to see if Timmy wakes up before Robin’s turn, I suddenly feel a lot more like writing.

I feel like life is pretty crazy right now: Temp job that I can’t really stand and never sure how freelance web developing is going to pan out. Finally signed and sealed our contract for deed…so, at least we have a house…but, now we have a house! God provided a vehicle through Robin’s parents that fits our family…repairs will be done some time tomorrow.

I talked to a potential client today, knowing they had a local guy who built their site originally, but their site looked old and had outdated info and links that didn’t work on it. They said they wanted to stay with their local guy and I almost chocked, but tried to be nice and just talk more generally about the current site. No doors or windows open to that opportunity right now. is a contender, but Ken is in yet another life crisis.

DSCF0016God has done all the work necessary for everything in our lives. I constantly remind myself that I have inherited the Kingdom of Heaven. I think Tuesday nights are pretty much my favorite part of the whole week. I’m so looking forward to each meeting. I have really enjoyed getting out with Robin a couple times though…that has been the real highlight of the last 2 weeks or so.

Well, it’s almost midnight and Timmy is actually still sleeping…I think I’ll risk having to get up as soon as my head hits the pillow and try to get some sleep…good night!